Comprehensive Mobile Threat Forensics

With zIPS, Mobile Malware Forensics teams finally have visibility into mobile threats and risks. The unmatched forensics provided by zIPShelps Frorenics teams to understand the various parameters:

  • Device Forensics to understand device threats and changes, including OS information, privilege elevations and persistent changes
  • Network Forensic details on cell and Wi-Fi networks, current and ongoing connections, as well as other contextual information to profile the attack and help identify the source
  • Malware Forensic details on detected malware samples

Best of Breed Malware Forensics solution for Various Cyber Forensics Labs deployed across the country to reduce Crime and perform Forensics on IOS & Android devices to detect compromises.

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Zimperium can Solve various challenges & answer the following Questions:

  • Is this Device compromised in past?
  • Is there anyone tapping or listening over in the device?
  • What is the security risk or privacy risks from the Apps on this device?
  • What permissions are being used by Apps on this device?
  • Where is this Devices connecting?
  • Is the data being stolen by China?
  • Deep Static & Dynamic Analysis of suspicious App.
  • Deep Technical report of suspicious samples in Minutes.


Moreover, all this data is stored On-Prem within your datacenter and Zimperium can’t access your confidential data which is one of the prime requirements by Forensics Departments.

Feel free to reach us to know more on how Zimperium can help you in Forensics Investigations.

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