Black Widow


Black Widow

A new generation of mobile forensics, with high speed simultaneous extraction and analysis of cell phones, tablets and GPS devices. With the new Black Widow, you can extract deleted data, call history, contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, photos, videos, recordings, calendar items, reminders, notes, data files, passwords, and data from apps such as Skype, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, WeChat and many others with only a few clicks.

Plus: Wireless charging station in the device!

Features: Supports simultaneous 8-channel extraction of cell phones using Parallel Forensics Technology.

Available as kit with





Collection of carefully selected cables covering majority of phones that have ever been on a market.

High quality cables designed for frequent use.

Cables are custom-made short that are easy to work with.

Includes the Apple Lightning cable and USB-C cable.

Universally compatible with software from other manufacturers.

Each cable is labeled by its type and position in the case so it is easy to find the right cable and to keep everything organized.

Our software will also show you where to find the right cable for every phone.

SIM card reader for detailed analysis of SIM content and for SIM cloning.

Rewritable SIM cloning cards.

Included SIM Cloning Tool – access the valuable data you need without knowing the PIN and also cut the phone off from the network to prevent losing any evidence.

Kit contents

USB Data Cables Special Cables Accessories

USB-C cable 3pcs
Apple Lightning cable 3pcs
Micro USB 3pcs
Mini USB 3pc

OTG micro USB
Sharp GX10
LG L5400
Siemens C65
Samsung V200
LG L7020
Samsung E700
Apple 30-pin
USB extension cable

SIM Cards rewritable 2pcs
SIM Card writer
USB Hub 4 inputs
Bluetooth adapter 4.0
Flash Drive 16GB

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We believe in our products and our quality! As a sign of our trust in our products you will up to 5 years warranty.

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